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BLOG: $%#&@! at Cedar Point? It’s all foreign to me

Tom Sherer • Jul 6, 2012 at 5:17 AM

For about three minutes Friday, I desperately wished I could speak Japanese.

From the moment I climbed into a Millennium Force train next to a young Japanese man and in front of two others, I mostly missed out on what sounded like a hellaciously fun time.

The run might have been laced with f-bombs in another language, for all I know. What I do know is they were impressed with the ride.

The only words I could make out during the few minutes I knew these men were, “Oh, God,” while being pulled up the 310-foot lift hill, and, “Wow,” over and over at the end of the circuit. Both came from the man sitting next to me.

Another thing making many guests say wow — or worse — the past few days is the heat.

Just like with the wind-chill factor for coldness, I think there should be a pavement-heat factor to show how hot it feels in highly paved places such as Cedar Point. (I know there’s the heat index.)

A lot of people seem to avoid Cedar Point on the brutally hot days. Whether Soak City is the park of choice on such days or those people are sitting in their air-conditioned homes, cars or places of work, fewer people makes navigating the park all the easier.

What’s more is the heat seems to bleed the energy out of many guests, so some of the annoying habits and loudness seem to dissipate some, at least in my experience.

Friday was the hottest day I’ve been at the park this season. Oddly, it’s also the only time I didn’t once have to wait in line for a water fountain. (And they get a workout when I’m there.)

I just hope everyone who does brave the heat is staying hydrated.


Overheard at the Park

“It must’ve run out of gas.” Man, probably in his 20s, while watching Millennium Force’s blue train being taken off the main track. From his tone and further discussion he had with his friends, I think he might have legitimately thought that was the case. He’s wrong. Very wrong.

The Good

A young woman was wearing the good old “I’m with stupid” T-shirt with the arrow on it. In her case, however, the arrow was pointing to nobody next to her. Who’s the stupid one again? Funny, though.

Gum receptacles — for guests to place their chewed gum into — are popping up in the park. Good idea, as long as people use them. From what I’ve seen from a lot of guests during my time at the park, it will be an uphill battle. But here’s hoping.

The Bad

I know I just talked about the heat often seems to make the park less populated than it otherwise might be, which is a good thing for guests. But, man, it’s been hot out there.

One of the best water fountains in the park — the one by Town Hall Museum — is having some issues. With water leaking around its button, more water pours onto your hand than into your mouth. Soon it might be the park’s fourth water ride. That might not be a bad thing right now.

Tom Sherer is an award-winning graphic designer with the Sandusky Register and a Cedar Point enthusiast who visited the park 53 times in 2011. He chronicles his adventures in coasterland here at "Belaboring the Point."

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