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BLOG: Cedar Point 'Quick Points' from Thursday, May 17

Tom Sherer • Jul 6, 2012 at 5:27 AM


Overheard at the Park

“They call it the laundry-maker for a reason.” Man, probably in his early 30s, to others in his group, one of whom was not so sure about riding Top Thrill Dragster. (For the record, I’d never heard that term used for Top Thrill Dragster until Thursday.)

“'Austin Powers' is stupid.” “It is stupid; that’s why it’s funny.” Exchange between a woman and a different man in the same Top Thrill Dragster group.

“This boy better not come up.” High school boy, about his restraint on Power Tower’s drop side.

“Lord, help me get off this thing! We done!” The same high school boy, while the car was slowly descending at the end of the ride.

The Good

One of Power Tower’s ride hosts gets credit for at least trying to be funny by mock-measuring my height before letting me enter the ride. (I’m 5-foot-10.)

Top Thrill Dragster went down at about 12:45 p.m., causing maybe a hundred or so people to get out of line. By 1 p.m. it was already running again. While occasionally you’ll be burned by this advice, this goes back to one of my rules: Unless you see pieces flying off the ride, DON’T get out of line.

The Bad

For the second time in the three days I’ve been at the park, Millennium Force was down right off the bat. For the first time that I’ve ever heard, however, it was announced it was “due to maintenance.” (My experience has always been “mechanical reasons.” I’d like to think there’s a difference.) Anyone who is familiar with Millennium could tell during the first few days that the trains were slowing down toward the top of the lift hill, compared to usual.

The Indifferent (just observations — not good or bad — about the day)

It took until 12:45 p.m. on my third day at the park — albeit none have been full days — before I heard my first “please-get-off-the-silver-handrails” announcement. Not bad.

Tom Sherer is an award-winning graphic designer with the Sandusky Register and a Cedar Point enthusiast who visited the park 53 times in 2011. He chronicles his adventures in coasterland here at "Belaboring the Point."

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