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In the dark about tickets

Matt Westerhold • Jul 5, 2012 at 5:33 PM

The Register's Andy Ouriel and Angie Wilhelm were at the Toledo airport where Air Force One landed earlier today, and will be with President Obama's motorcade when it starts heading to Sandusky. Several other newsroom staffers have gotten the go-ahead to meet with the President when he arrives in Sandusky in a few hours, but we're still in the dark about tickets for others. 

I've had numerous calls and have forwarded some onto the Erie County Democratic Party from an Erie County resident. Here's an excerpt from an email I just received on the topic. 

"When the Sandusky Register announced President Obama would be in town on Tuesday and details for obtaining tickets would be given later, I waited as did many other citizens of the city and county. Last night I began getting antsy and decided to email the Democratic Headquarters and ask if there were any tickets left because the event was today. I emailed Amy Grubbe the Chair. I was actually quite surprised to see names like hers, Kevin Baxter and Jim Murray on the officers list. She wasn't happy with me when we hung up. I'm persistent and not easily swayed into bs. Perhaps you can use your skills and name to get some honest answers as to the way this affair was handled or mishandled with the ticket situation."

That's all I've got on this topic, for now.  We'll get a reporter assigned to the ticket story as soon as things settle back. Our inquiries thus far have not been answered. 

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