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'Wiredmama' to interview Westerhold at 1 p.m.

Anonymous • Jul 5, 2012 at 5:29 AM

Be sure to be at sanduskyregister.com at 1 p.m. today (July 3) for a special edition of "Between the Lines Live" with commenter "wiredmama" in the interviewer's chair. This program will be live and viewers -- especially critics of the Register and its managing editor -- are encouraged to ask their questions from the interactive chatroom.

The BTL with Shawna Goode was pre-recorded and first shown at sanduskyregister.com June 15. Goode was arrested in February and charged with drunken disorderly conduct after a brief encounter with a police officer. An alcohol breath test administered after her arrest, however, showed she had not been drinking. After she filed a complaint alleging she had been roughed up by the arresting officer, the city prosecutor dropped the first charge but filed a persistent disorderly charge against her. 

Stories about the arrest were published and a dashcam video from the police cruiser was posted at the website. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing after an internal department investigation, and additional stories about that were published by the Register.

The interview with Goode caused some viewers to question whether it was fair to police. "A new low," in journalism, one viewer commented. Another viewer wrote the interview was "one-sided," and another commented "shame, shame, shame."

"Wiredmama," a frequent commenter at sanduskyregister.com, wrote that she was extremely disappointed by the program and suggested someone should interview Matt Westerhold. After a series of emails to arrange a time and date, "wiredmama" will be sitting in the interviewer's chair this Tuesday.

This is a first for the Register, and for the community of commenters at sanduskyregister.com. The program will be live as it happens and viewers, especially those with critical questions, should have those questions ready. If you want to participate, we're asking you to be polite, concise, direct and to the point, but all topics are open for discussion. The chatroom will be monitored, carefully. 


Every edition of BTL is available for on-demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com. Click the links or go to sanduskyregister.com/opinion/blogs/betweenthelines.

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