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BLOG: This week in phony outrage -- Obama didn't mention the Beastie Boy!

Tom Jackson • May 8, 2012 at 11:47 AM


HIS HORRIBLE OVERSIGHT: He never once mentioned that Beastie Boy who died.

Last week, a member of the Beastie Boys died. Adam Yauch, 47, was probably my favorite Beastie because he was into Buddhism, but it's probably fair to admit that he wasn't a household name.

At least, he's not if you live in the White House. A right wing columnist for the Washington Times, Joseph Curl, wrote an entire column criticizing Barack Obama because the president of the United States "didn't say a word, even though he was talking to college kids that day."

It wasn't always like this, as Joseph Curl can tell you. Imagine if the Founding Fathers were still alive:

"I feel bad that Ad-Rock died," said George Washington, trying to sound current, and failing, as usual. "No, Mr. President, it was MCA," Thomas Jefferson said.

If you follow my link, you can see that there really is a right wing columnist at the Washington Times named Joseph Curl, and he really did attack Obama for forgetting to mention MCA. You won't want to miss Curl's other Zen-like insights on national topics, such as "Rejoice Republicans -- Romney is for real."

The last pop star death that really bothered me was Kurt Cobain, back in 1994. I was so upset, I didn't have the presence of mind to wonder what Bill Clinton thought. Even now, I don't know whether the 42nd President stood with grunge rock fans on that dismal day.

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