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BLOG: Ohio's attorney general files ebook lawsuit

Tom Jackson • Apr 11, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Ohio's attorney general, Mike DeWine, has joined 15 other states in a lawsuit against Apple computers and several book publishers in an effort to force down the price of electronic books.

The Obama Administration's Department of Justice has filed a similar lawsuit.

"What was at first a great benefit to buyers of electronic books – lower prices – apparently was considered too much of a benefit," said Attorney General DeWine. "Customers who pay out their hard-earned money, no matter the product or service, deserve better."

A copy of Ohio's lawsuit is here. DeWine's press release is here. 

I recently argued here that the Obama administration's pending lawsuit against the publishers was a terrible idea that will harm consumers because it will aid Amazon.com's dominance in ebooks. I gather DeWine doesn't agree.

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