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Road Trip: U.S. 250

Jason Werling • Apr 4, 2012 at 2:56 PM

Have you ever driven on U.S. 250?

My guess is if you are reading this you probably have and have your own thoughts, positive or negative, about the stretch of road. It is the lifeline to get tourists in and out of the area whether they are going to Cedar Point, Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge or just coming into the area to do some shopping. And as much as we, as locals, tighten our grip on the steering wheel and say "nice" things while we are driving with our friends from out of town, we use 250 to reap the benefits of having the shopping, restaurants and attractions most people have to drive many miles to get here.

250, or Milan Road, or Sycamore Line, or Benedict Avenue or whatever you call it, is a pretty long road; somewhere in the range of 500+ miles. It starts and ends in Sandusky and Richmond, VA, depending on which way you are driving.

Starting Sunday I will be driving from the start of U.S. 250 in Sandusky and driving until it ends in Richmond, VA.

With me on the trip will be my two boys Payton, 4, and Will, 5. I know, what the heck am I thinking taking two young boys on what will be 11+ hours in a car over a two-day period. I plan on having them help me with the project by keeping count of anything from cows to street signs during the journey.

I will be live blogging the two-day drive with Cover It Live via my blog on sanduskyregister.com. We will also be running a story as a Sunday Showcase in the coming weeks.

So join me Sunday and Monday via this blog as I take a road trip on U.S. 250.

Road Trip: U.S. 250

Sunday night update- Thank you all for the kind words during the first leg of the drive. The boys and I have had a lot of fun and are looking forward to Monday's trek through the Allegheny Mountains. I ran into some cell phone service issues between Wheeling and Fairmont on Sunday, so bear with me if there are some delays in postings on Monday. (Not to mention the crazy curvy roads we will be winding around for a majority of the journey.) We should be heading out of Elkins around 9:30 a.m.

Monday night update- Well, we made it. And although there wasn't a spectacular ending to U.S. 250, just an intersection and a McDonalds, I hope you all enjoyed the trip. Once I am back in working mode I will post more photos and video to go along with the story that will run as a Sunday Showcase in a couple weeks. I borrowed a camera from a friend that was mounted on my windshield and took a photo every 5 seconds for a majority of the trip. It was pointed at the road, not at the driver.

The feedback for this has been really great and I hope we can bring you more coverage like this in the future. Now on with our vacation.

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