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BLOG: Midnight Moon departs earthly plane of existence

Tom Jackson • Mar 20, 2012 at 2:23 PM

When I asked Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe owner Donna Bretz if it was true she is shutting down, she put it to me gently.

Midnight Moon "is not going to be in a physical location," Bretz said Tuesday.

But regardless of how you put it, Saturday will be the shop's last day. Many of its fixtures have already been sold.

Bretz says she'll continue to teach classes. She is a master and teacher of Reiki, a Japanese "laying on hands" technique for reducing stress, and a hynotherapist, specializing in regression work (i.e., past lives.)

The Web site and Facebook page will remain active.

But alas, customers seeking spiritual help for the New Age sort or healing crystals may have to look a little harder, at least when class is not in session.

The "Crystals and Gemstones" section of the Web site offers a taste of what the shop different from your average big box store:

"Midnight Moon has medicine pouches, bags with specific stones in them to bring a particular energy to the carrier. For example, a prosperity bag may hold a quartz point, emerald, a green goldstone and turquoise. You will also find jewelry to bring specific energy."

A change in ownership for the building at Wayne and Market prompted the change, Bretz said.

"New people bought my building and want to do something else with this particular spot," said Bretz, who looked at other downtown locations but could not find anyplace suitable.

"It just seems like it's time to do a different chapter," she said.

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