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What happens when a Bobcat meets a Wolverine?

Jason Werling • Mar 12, 2012 at 3:06 PM

March Madness and picking advancing teams will be interesting following last night’s bracket selections for the NCAA tournament. At least for one game in particular.

I belong to a classification of people who grew up Michigan fans and then proceeded to attend Ohio University. We’re not all Buckeye haters, we just don’t like the Buckeyes when they play UM or OU in football, basketball or compete with us in any other sport, club, social activity or ranking.

Michigan and Ohio State have one of the biggest rivalries in college football with some of the best years coming during the Woody and Bo era. Ohio State and Ohio University however...well...OSU usually wins those games...by a lot...but we all know where all the OSU students go to party and get into trouble for Halloween Weekend. And there is the infamous mascot rumble of 2010.

In case you missed it, the 13th-ranked, MAC Champion Ohio Bobcats will play the 4th-ranked, Big Ten regular season champion Michigan Wolverines in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Nashville, TN this Friday at 7:20 p.m. (Yes, The Ohio State did knock Michigan out of the Big Ten tournament, but the Buckeyes didn’t win the tournament either, that may quell at least two potential commenters below.)

Michigan no longer has the Fab Five and Ohio University no longer has former Shaq-of-the-MAC Gary Trent or Geno Ford, but the Bobcats did show some March Madness muscle when they knocked off a 3rd-ranked Georgetown Hoya team in 2010’s tourney.


I am coining the members of our UM/OU fanbase for this week as Bob-erines, pronounced with a short o, not Bo, like Schembechler. We Boberines will have a tough time filling out our brackets this week. Do we go with our heads or our hearts? Or is going with our heart maybe the right pick in the first place?

Right now I’m rooting for the ‘Cats and picking Blue to advance, but that could change once I get the bracket(s) in front of me. If you see me Friday I’ll be the one with an Ohio hat and Michigan sweatshirt, or will it be a Michigan hat and the Ohio sweatshirt? And who will Buckeye fans pick? My guess is the place they go to party.

Here’s a couple interesting things popped up when I googled the words bobcat and wolverine...

One question on Answers.com was “Can a bobcat eat a wolverine?” With a short answer provided... “They could, yes...”

Another question posted on ChaCha.com was Can a bobcat kill a wolverine?" With a longer answer of "A bobcat could easily challenge and fight a wolverine. However, it is not likely that it would win. It is mostly likely a large Eurasian lynx that could kill a wolverine, and event that is not set in stone. ChaCha pounces to get great answers!"

The story HERE, although sad for bobcat lovers, caught my attention because of the “Kitten Mittens” in the headline. If you are not an Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, watch below for further explanation.

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