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BLOG: NOW will you support Newt for president?

Tom Jackson • Dec 20, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Earlier this year, I used this blog as a platform to endorse Newt Gingrich for president, arguing that Newt, among the GOP candidates, provides the best chance of hours of entertainment while Washington is ruining our lives.

A new Web site provides impressive confirmation of my thesis. Supervillain or Newt? tests the visitor's ability to tell Newt's policy proposals from the plans hatched by James Bond villain or comic book bad guys.

The site has photos of Newt next to Darth Vader and the Joker and helpfully explains, "Welcome to the Supervillain or Newt Game, where you have to decide whether an idea comes from an indestructible megalomaniac hell-bent on ruling the world, or from a fictional supervillain."

It's surprisingly difficult to tell the difference between Newt and a movie villain, so I was pleased I scored 80 percent on the quiz.

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