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BLOG: Why the McRib came back -- again

Tom Jackson • Nov 11, 2011 at 3:41 PM

Some of the folks at McDonald's didn't like our story in Friday's paper about the dog chomping on the employee's finger at the drive through window, so let's give the Golden Arches some love. The McRib is back! But only until Nov. 14.

I've been puzzled for years for why my favorite messy sandwich keeps disappearing, so see this blog post which explains the mystery. The chain apparently waits until pork prices are unusually low. When pork is cheap, the McRib makes another comeback tour, like those classic rock bands that say farewell again every few years.

The post offers three other theories about the sandwich's lack of staying power, including the theory that the sandwich has a cult following but is actually not that popular.

"Like 'Star Trek,' 'Arrested Development' and that show about Jesus Christ returning to San Diego as a surfer, the McRib was short-lived because not enough people were interested in it, even though a small and vocal minority loved it dearly. And unlike these TV shows, which involve real actors and writers with careers to tend to, the McRib needs only hogs, pickles, onions and a vocal enough minority who demand the sandwich’s return, and will even promote it for free with websites, tweets and word-of-sauce-stained-mouth."

Via Tyler Cowen's essential Marginal Revolution blog.

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