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BLOG: A haunting experience

Tom Jackson • Oct 11, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Last weekend I took the opportunity to check out the latest version of Ghostly Manor, the haunted house on U.S. 250 that scales up its offerings every October.

Although I sampled the "Ghostly Gauntlet" cage maze and tried one of the offerings in the 3D theater, the haunted house remains the main attraction for me. It's bigger and better than before.

The Criscione family has moved the entrance to a tent outside and added an outdoor section linked to the back of the haunted house. That has the effect of making the experience pleasingly long, because visitors have to walk through those sections to get inside and out of the indoor area, providing more time for visitors to be harassed by monsters, etc.

I don't want to get too specific about the experience, because that would be unfair. I did notice this time, however, that the haunted house makes artful use of sound. Some of the best parts of the attraction are in areas where there is little to see, where the darkness adds to the effect of the disturbing whispers or the footsteps scrabbling behind you.

If you do visit Ghostly Manor, take your time going through so that you can notice many of the details. Discount coupons are offered at local Wendy's hamburger joints.

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