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BLOG: Look out! The Hispanics are coming!

Tom Jackson • Sep 1, 2011 at 10:30 AM

What do you call an Op-Ed that warns that white people are in trouble in the U.S. because the number of Hispanic people in the U.S. is rising?

Why, it's an award-winner!

Kaitlyn Davis' piece, "Immigration keeps changing face of America," ran on our editorial page on Wednesday. It warns of the dire threat provided by the "changing dynamic of the American population." Erie County Republican Women, impressed by Ms. Davis' essay, declared her piece the winner in the group's essay contest.

Davis is unhappy because she's a college student and she wasn't able to find a full time job this summer, and thinks "illegal immigrants" might be the cause. She offers no evidence to back up her opinion.

As Davis herself notes, the economy hasn't been in good shape lately. Could there be some other reason Davis didn't get the jobs she applied for?

But that's not her main concern. Her big worry is about the "dramatic shifts in the population breakdown." She can't decide how many Hispanics the U.S. will have in 2050 — at one point in her piece, it's "23 percent," at another point, it's "about 30 percent" — but either way, "it's hard to ignore the facts," she says.

There's a long history of worrying that the "wrong people" are taking over. In 1903, Teddy Roosevelt warned about declining birth rates among Anglo Saxons would lead to "race suicide." Somehow, the country survived.

The 2010 Census showed that Hispanics made up 37.6 of the population in California. Does that really make California a "worse" state than Ohio (3.1 percent Hispanic) or Alabama (3.9 percent)?

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