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BLOG: Let's all pull together to destroy the local economy

Tom Jackson • Aug 11, 2011 at 5:59 PM

Thank heavens Sandusky officials have finally addressed the latest terrible problem facing the city. The city is finally cracking down on people who spend up to $4,000 a week to rent fancy private residences for a few days. After years of inaction, our city fathers have recognized that it's time to move.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of well-heeled tourists coming to downtown Sandusky to spend money on upscale restaurants or wasting their money to hire fishing charters from local boat owners.They are the kind of nuisance visitors who rent expensive homes.

In a community that depends upon tourism, it's about time we got serious about driving away rich tourists and persuading them to go rent their fancy houses in some other community. We can always make up the loss of income by taxing working people more.

Why stop there? There must be other creative ways the Sandusky City Commission can hurt the local economy.

Let's hold a contest. Local citizens should be invited to find ways — at taxpayer expense — to discourage private investment and growth.

It wouldn't do to have too many rules. But I think bonus points should be awarded if we can find ways to punish Cedar Point or Firelands Regional Medical Center, our two biggest employers. Additional points also should be awarded if the new program involves hiring $100 an hour lawyers at taxpayer expense, or assigning additional resources to the Sandusky Police Department's elite new Harmless Behavior That Annoys Rich People Squad.

When the contest ended, the most promising new idea for wasting taxpayer money could be enacted into a city ordinance.

If possible, the City Commission ordinance creating the new program should be the same one that allocates additional taxpayer money to the Erie County Economic Development Corp.

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