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Where's the party? Apparently it's in Athens, Ohio

Jason Werling • Aug 2, 2011 at 1:07 PM

We don't have the biggest campus, we aren't in a major metropolitan area, we aren't in a major football conference, and we do don't have a "THE" in front of our university's name. But we are the Bobcats and we are No. 1.

This year's Princeton Review list of the nation's top ten party schools had my alma mater at the top for the first time. I'm sure it is a blessing and a curse forĀ  Ohio University. Future students are attracted to the rating, parents of those future students raise an eyebrow to it. (Unless those parents are Bobcats.)

There are Bobcats all around this area, even a few in the newsroom at the Register. Sandusky city reporter Jessica Cuffman and photo intern Angie Wilhelm are alums. And managing editor Matt Westerhold has an OU degree, quiz him about Athens sometime.

Here's how the top ten ranked...

1. Ohio University

2. University of Georgia

3. University of Mississippi

4. University of Iowa

5.University of California-Santa Barbara

6. West Virginia University

7. Pennsylvania State University-University Park (Take that Sarah Weber!)

8. Florida State University

9. University of Florida

10. University of Texas at Austin

I loved my time in Athens and get back there about once a year. There was always the historic Halloween party on Court Street and during my years there the riots during Daylight Savings Time started taking place. While the party ranking is nice and will bring some positive and negative publicity to that little school on the Hocking River, I will always value the education and friends I made there more than I will value the number of bars. But it's close.

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