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BLOG: Woody in Paris

Tom Jackson • Jul 18, 2011 at 5:52 PM

The new Woody Allen movie, "Midnight in Paris," is an unexpected hit. It's a movie I enjoyed more than any other movie I've been in the last few months. Among other things, it's a tribute to the cultural dynamism of Paris in the 1920s, when folks like Ernest Hemingway and Cole Porter lived there.

One of my favorite poets, Charles Henri Ford, is one of the lesser-known literary figures who lived in Paris before World War II. He lived with Djuna Barnes, who is mentioned in the movie, and his friends included Gertrude Stein, played by Kathy Bates in Woody's movie, and surrealists such as Man Ray, who also appeared as a character.

Here is a short poem by Ford about Paris:

I Was in Paris Against Last Night

I was in Paris again last night

Deep in the marvelous manmade wood

Where the roads lead back to the roads

And you want to be lost forever.

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