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BLOG: Look out, Lady Gaga! I'm right behind you!

Tom Jackson • May 17, 2011 at 5:24 PM

If you don't follow social media news, you may have missed the latest headline: pop singer Lady Gaga now has 10 million followers on Twitter.

Actually, she's already surpassed that. As of Tuesday afternoon, @ladygaga had 10,110,842 followers.

My own Twitter account, @jacksontom, needs only 9,999,932 followers before I can catch up with that ten million milestone.

I actually picked up a new follower Tuesday, so I figure I have momentum. Also, my mother gave in a few weeks ago and finally acquired email and joined Facebook. I figure if I apply enough pressure, I can get my Mom and Dad to join Twitter and follow me, or at least pretend to.

I figure I have the coolness factor working in my favor, too. Discovering someone before everyone else does is the definition of cool.  Anyone who follows me can claim to be early adopter. Anyone who follows Lady Gaga now is kind of a square, because he or she is doing something millions of other people did first.

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