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Do something good; help heal Sandusky

Jason Werling • Mar 28, 2011 at 1:54 PM

On March 19, the day Officer Andrew Dunn was killed, I told myself that his death could have one of two effects on the town that I have made a home and a town I love to work in every day. Sandusky would either come closer together or grow further apart.

After his father Matt Dunn’s emotional, from-the-heart speech a day later, I believed our town would pull closer together. “I've never given up on this town and none of you should,” Dunn said. It was very important — I thought to myself — to get his words recorded as loud and clear as I could and get it on the Register website so everyone who couldn't hear him or couldn't be at the vigil could still get the message.

Make some time to listen to what he said at the vigil. Just click on the player above.

Sandusky is hurting. Sandusky is angry. Sandusky wants answers. This isn't a police thing or a racial thing or an economic thing. When you get down to it, it is a humanity thing. A person lost his life at the hands of another. The most important thing (a father, husband, son) was taken from someone else. Think of your most important thing, and I say thing because some don't value other people over property or possessions, and in an instant that thing is gone. You would hurt, you would be angry and you would want answers.

That’s where we are, as a community.

In the past several days I had a conversation with a friend via Facebook and her words were important for me to share with all of you …

We need to build a society, where 5-year-old’s feelings do not have an occasion to reflect acts of senseless violence. We have 2nd-graders coming home with a stomach ache they can't put into words. We have 8th-graders who fear that their parent will go to work and never come home.

No one.

Not young or old.

Not friend or foe.

No one should have to watch their fellow citizens shoot each other here in our wonderful country... the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We are a civilized nation.

We know how to communicate like no other.

We know that actions speak louder than words.

We need to have our actions — our signs of respect toward each other regardless of our differences — teach our children that right is always right no matter if no one is watching. And wrong is always wrong no matter if everyone else is doing it.

You can take all the words I just spoke and cut and paste.

If it can help save one life...

If it can help improve one relationship…

If it can stop having children have to write “I feel sad when Andy died” ... Then it is worth it.

Here is my challenge to all of you reading. Do something. Don't just donate a few bucks and say you did your part. Watch one less television show, take one less night out, have one less texting or Facebook conversation. Use that time to give to someone else. Let me know how you do, (werling@sanduskyregister.com or 419.609.5850) and let me know how someone, who really didn't need to, went out of their way to help you. I would like to showcase the good that is being done in Sandusky.

And my position at the Register, through the website and this section in the newspaper, is my way to get the Good Samaritans in our community recognized.

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