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Drew Carey, Republican hero! Or maybe not

Tom Jackson • Mar 16, 2011 at 5:58 PM

Drew Carey is being touted as a possible Republican senator. He just has to get over his dislike of Republicans, and deal with the fact that Republican voters don't like him.

In a January blog post, I mentioned an article in Politico that claimed that Sherrod Brown, the Democratic U.S. senator elected from Ohio in 2006, is expected to face a tough race in 2012.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling contradicts that assertion. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee released several polls showing Brown with anywhere from a 15-point to a 19-point lead.

It's still a long way until November 2012, so it's pretty early to talk about this.

One oddity of PPP's poll: It said that Drew Carey did as well as any possible Republican challenger, trailing by only 15 points (49-34.)

That's weird, and not just because Carey is a comedian and game-show host who lives in California (although he's from Cleveland.) Carey is well-known as a Libertarian rather than a Republican. He's filmed videos for Reason magazine, the country's best-known Libertarian publication.

In 2008, when Carey was asked who he plans to vote for in the 2008 election, he answered, "Anybody but McCain/Palin. Seriously. I'm begging you."

Carey said he voted for the Libertarian candidate in 2004 and 2000. When he was asked what he would miss most about the Bush administration, he left the answer blank.

Even the PPP concedes that Democrats like Carey better than Republicans do, and that Carey has expressed no interest in running for Senate.

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