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BLOG: Vampires, ghouls head for Sandusky

Tom Jackson • Mar 8, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Erie County fans of the "The Supernatural," a weekly drama  on the CW network about a pair of brothers who battle monsters across the U.S., got an extra treat last weekend: This time, the monsters are targeting Sandusky.

If you missed Friday's broadcast, "...And Then There Were None," for a limited time you can watch it on your computer.

My son, Richard Jackson, who follows the show, catalogs the following Sandusky references, all early in the show: At 0:54, the guy who's about to be bitten by an attractive female monster is using a gas pump with the word "Sandusky" on it;  a character showing how monsters are making their way down I-80 are headed for Sandusky (which he circles on the map at 3:42), and at 6:14, a law enforcement officer at the scene of a murder at a local "cannery" has a "Sandusky" patch on his uniform. I saw no signs the show actually was filmed here.

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