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BLOG: Local celebrity retiring

Tom Jackson • Mar 4, 2011 at 12:28 PM

They say that photos of celebrities help drive traffic to Web sites, so I've put a picture of a celebrity at the top of this blog post.

The celebrity isn't me, although admittedly the man with a white cat sitting on his shoulder is myself. 

The celebrity is Cosmo, the therapy cat.

Having a cat sit on your shoulder can be rather soothing, if the cat is sweet-natured. Cosmo is famously nice. For years, he worked as a therapy cat, with his owner, Janet Freehling (in the left of the photo) bringing him to nursing homes and medical facilities.

Cosmo was popular everywhere he went. He was so nice he even treated reporters with affection and respect, and in return he got lots of good press. He was written up in prestigious publications such as Woman's World and the Sandusky Register, and Cleveland TV weatherman Dick Goddard featured Cosmo in a calendar.

"He's still the official welcoming committee for my house and still takes walks on his harness and leash when the weather's good," said Freehling, a Norwalk resident. "He's on his own schedule now though--instead of mine.  I think he likes that.  I still meet people who know of him or have met him."

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