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BLOG: Our expert on Egypt checks in

Tom Jackson • Feb 11, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Rasha Aly, the Sandusky Register's education reporter from September 2004 to June 2006, is an American from Columbus.

Both of her parents, however, are from Egypt, and she has relatives who live there. She's been following the events in that country closely and posting comments on Facebook.

I asked Rasha if she would share some observations for this blog, and she obliged:

"I'm happy Egyptians are finally taking a stand against Mubarak. Thirty years is a long time to stay a leader of any country. During his time there, unemployment has risen and education has become worse -- at least from what my relatives have told me. The unemployment is especially hard on the younger generation, who need jobs to help start families. I've known of many Egyptians who travel abroad in hopes of making money and sending it back to their families.

"I hope this move would bring democracy to the country. Egyptians need to have a voice in their government. There is no more need for rigged elections which elect the same person to lead. Equal opportunity is also needed for all Egyptians.

"My aunt and her family as well as my grandparents (my mom's sister and parents) are in Egypt. They are staying at their homes, away from the chaos in the streets, in hopes of feeling safe. Fortunately, they are still able to get food and the money they need. Like me, they are though anxious about what the future brings.

"Although I am worried about my relatives in Egypt, I am excited to see Egyptians fight for their rights. To see them in action, walking in the streets, holding up signs, speaking out loud makes me proud to call myself an Egyptian as well as an American."

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