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VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with special guest Kim Nuesse

Matt Westerhold • Oct 7, 2010 at 9:49 AM


The interview with Sandusky CIty Commissioner Kim Nuesse starts about halfway into the program, and Nuesse took questions from the audience, including a viewer using the handle "SarahTonin." Another viewer who was watching when the program was live at the website, using the name "Antisanduskian" also asked some good questions.

There is a also video of the Register's interview with Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown. It's a brief clip that comes in the second 15 minute portion of the program. The entire interview with the chief justice will be available next week, but this short clip includes his comments about his commitment to making the Ohio court system more open and responsive to the people. 

To watch the show in its entirety, click on the player below.

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at livestream.com

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