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Sue made them dance

Matt Westerhold • Oct 2, 2010 at 2:34 PM

If power is measured by one’s ability to motivate people and gather them in one place, then Sue Daugherty is the most powerful person in Erie County.   

During the last year alone the director of Serving Our Seniors organized and headed up forums on everything from healthcare reform to rate hikes for electricity by FirstEnergy. And similar to that popular adage from the movie “Field of Dreams,” if Sue calls for a forum, they will come. They arrive in droves, in fact, and Sue always packs the house when there’s an issue important to the public. 

But on Sept. 25, they packed the house for Sue, and for Serving Our Seniors, and it was USA Dance and the local Black Tie Dance Studio that made it happen. The North Coast version of Dancing With the Stars raised more than $5,000 for Serving Our Seniors and featured four local celebrity dancers; one editor with two left feet; and a community that came together for a cause.   


Go to sanduskyregister.com where you can find links in this column under the opinion section. It will take you to video showing the dance performances of each contestant. Here’s a breakdown of the competition: 

Sara Beard, who with her husband Trent Beard owns Mr. Smith’s Coffee House at 140 Columbus Ave. in Sandusky, won the first-place trophy for the best performance. She and her dance instructor Timothy Nyman performed an elegant waltz that wowed the crowd packed into the Elks Lodge Grand Ballroom on East Adams Street. 

Huron police Chief John Majoy earned the first-place trophy for most money raised and was an audience favorite with a hip-hop dance. Majoy dressed as a prison inmate and his dance partner/instructor Dana Bauck was a prison warden for the performance. The spirited dance began with Majoy delivering a box of donuts to the three-person panel of judges. 

Craig Olszewski was Sandusky NAACP President Barbara Clark’s dance partner/instructor. They performed a foxtrot that swept across the dance floor gracefully almost as if they were floating with the music. 

Timothy Nyman also served as the dance instructor/partner for Sandusky city commissioner Kim Nuesse. Nuesse  did not offer up any donuts to the judges, but she wore a red dress that matched the salsa she and Nyman performed. The judges loved it. That is one gutsy woman. 

And speaking of gutsy, attorney Alicia Roshong took to the dance floor with movie star moves when she and dance instructor Tim Warner performed the Cha-Cha. She and fellow celebrity dance contestant Chief Majoy battled it out throughout the evening as members of the audience voted with money bids to support the dancer they thought did the best. 

Finally, and speaking of movie stars, take a look at the video that shows the leftist footed editor because his dance instructor, Annessia Nyman, is tremendous in a dozen or more ways. 

Annessia, and her husband Timothy Nyman, own Black Tie Dance Studio on Tiffin Avenue across from Dick’s Carryout and Drive Through. The Nymans are both skilled dance instructors as you’ll see in the videos. So if you’re even remotely interested in learning how to dance, give the studio a call at 419-626-2910, or visit its website at blacktiedancestudio.com. 


The proceeds from Dancing With the North Coast Stars will benefit a new insulin program SOS director Sue Daugherty is starting up. The cost of insulin has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving some older Erie County residents who live on fixed incomes in a bind. 

But Daugherty has a track record of success, and the Elks Lodge, the Black Tie Dance Studio, the dance instructors, Brian Stuckey from USA Dance, the officers and board of directors of USA Dance, the dancers, the volunteers and the community all together have given the new program a big boost to get it started. 

For information or to make a donation to any of the various programs Serving Our Seniors supports, got to its website at servingourseniors.org. 

And if you run into Sue Daugherty, say thanks. She is one true hero in our community.

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