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BLOG: 'LeBron James Hates You'

Tom Jackson • Jul 16, 2010 at 12:45 PM

There have been a huge number of online commentaries about the departure of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. Many are interesting, but there is one in particular which I wish I could get everyone to read.

"LeBron James Hates You" by Paul Shirley, a professional basketball player, puts the whole business in perspective by sharing what Shirley insists is an inconvenient truth: The sports stars fans love don't love the fans back.

Shirley, who has spent time on the court with James, says the star is "a self-centered numbskull" and that his reality TV announcement that he's deserting Cleveland for Miami is a useful reminder of what most famous athletes are really like.

Shirley says that when he played against James, he "marveled at how mean he was to his teammates.  His cold-eyed glare when one of them had the nerve to miss a shot.  The way he spoke to them; the way he carried himself around Cavaliers staff; the aura of jerkitude that – had we all been in the Army, circa 1952, and not in the NBA, circa 2004 – would have gotten him a midnight date with a sock filled with bars of soap."

Read the whole thing HERE.

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