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BLOG: The green jobs mirage

Tom Jackson • Jun 24, 2010 at 12:07 AM

BLOG: Sandusky

My colleague Susan McMillan had an important story the other day about a little-discussed inconvenient truth.  Despite a big expenditure of tax money and enough hot air from politicians to launch a fleet of balloons, there are almost no "green jobs" in northern Ohio.

The story describes how EHOVE has revamped its curriculum to reflect the fact that when the school looked, it couldn't find any green jobs in the area. It also mentions the lawsuit filed against Oregon City Schools by 13 graduates complaining that their green-jobs training turned out to be useless.

There is some evidence that government spending on green jobs is worse than useless, because politicians aren't very good at deciding which energy projects should get funding. No doubt if enough money is spent, some green jobs will be created.

Economists argue that Congress should forget about cap and trade and pass a carbon tax instead. That would encourage a movement toward green energy but allow the free market to make the choices on where to put the investments, as opposed to auctioning off Congress to the competing green special interest groups.

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