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A letter from staff photographer Luke Wark

Jason Werling • Jun 19, 2010 at 10:35 AM

FT BENNING, GEORGIA Sandusky Register staff photographer Luke Wark joined the Army National Guard earlier this year and is currently going through boot camp at Ft. Benning.

Here's a letter from Spc. Wark..

June 11, 2010

It's amazing how quickly a person can adapt to certain situations or changes in their lives.

As I was rushing down the stairs to morning formation a few days ago this thought struck me. After more than a month here at Fort Benning there are many things I do that I don't even think about anymore. Everything from walking over to the fire guard desk in the middle of the night to drop off my ID whenever I've got to use the latrine to standing on line to get chow. Carrying around an MIGA4 Assault rifle everywhere is nothing to me nowadays, nor is marching or riding a bus to get everywhere we go.

After a long, hot day on the rifle range automatically going tup to our platoon bay doing a heat dump and cleaning rifles for the next hour or two. Wearing our physical training uniform or assault combat uniform and nothing else is par for basic training. Daily and weekly locker inspections are just part of life just as much as morning PT is.

About the most exciting part of the day is mail call. It is always exciting to see if the drill sergeant calls out your name. If he does it is is a rush to see who sent you a letter today, but if he does not call your name then you don't say anything, but you are silently jealous of those that did get a letter that day. Other than that the days seem to go by slowly, but the weeks are going by fast. Well, off to the hand grenade range. More to come later.

-Luke Wark

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