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"Oh, that ticket"

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

One of the most interesting portions of the Murman report on Chief Kim Nuesse is the explanation of why she didn't have to pay a fine when she received a parking ticket. (One of her subordinates, Gary Frankowski, voided the ticket. He testifies in the report that Nuesse asked him if she should pay it, and he replied, "No, I will handle it.")

The report is very long, as many people have observed, but you can get up to speed on the ticket by reading pages 57-61 (Patrolman James Ommert), pages 76-78 (Michael Frank) and pages 84-85 (Frankowski).

Ommert, who wrote the ticket without knowing he was ticketing the boss, wound up visiting a city office to try to figure out why the ticket was never paid or turned in. He didn't get a good answer, but when he asked, a city employee responded, "Oh that ticket."

"I more or less see things black and white," Ommert said.

After Frankowski told Nuesse he'd deal with her ticket, he went to see Sandusky's Municipal Court Judge Erich O'Brien.

"Judge O'Brien told Frankowski that Chief Nuesse should come into court, plead to the ticket with an explanation and based upon what he had been told, he would probably dismiss the ticket, or Frankowski could void the ticket. Frankowski advised it was then he decided to void the ticket."

There's a great sentence in Frankowski's testimony explaining why Nuesse never should have gotten a ticket in the first place.

"Frankowski stated that in reality, Chief Nuesse's vehicle was a city vehicle and that there is a rule requiring an officer to contact the Law Director before issuing a ticket on any city vehicle."

Oh really? How long has this rule been in place?

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