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Yes, that's me with the Obama sign

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Many people already believe that every newspaper reporter in America is "in the tank" for Obama. I guess it wouldn't help if anyone saw me carrying a big Obama/Biden yard sign out of the local Democratic headquarters Wednesday.

I can explain. My wife, the Democrat, asked me if I could drop by and pick up a yard sign and a bumper sticker, since I work only a short distance from the Obama headquarters.

That put me a little bit on the spot -- after all, reporters aren't supposed to be seen as taking sides -- but I decided to make her happy.

Note to my Republican friends: When my wife passed on her old car for me to drive, the first thing I did was peel off the old John Kerry bumper sticker. Yeah, it felt good. (This should not be seen as a partisan comment. I just don't like John Kerry.)

Hey, I'm more objective than this young woman.

The subject of spouses and their political allegiances has been on my mind lately. I noticed that Sunday, when the Plain Dealer ran a scathing column from Connie Schulz attacking Sarah Palin, the newspaper ran a tag line noting that she's married to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

I can kind of see why the paper did it. It was a partisan column, so I suppose the PD brass figured they needed to provide full disclosure.

Still, it's pretty funny to think she didn't have any opinions before she got married. She's been writing pieces for years with a pretty consistent political viewpoint. She also won a Pulitzer prize for her columns a couple of years ago. (Yes, that's one more Pulitzer than I've won so far. Thanks for asking.)

Personally, I think the PD should run opinion pieces from James Carville, and run a little bio line that says, "Carville is married to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin." That'll show 'em!

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