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Watching the fireworks in my rear-view mirror

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

Where did you watch Saturday's Cedar Point fireworks display in Sandusky? Shoreline Park, Jackson Street Pier, Lyman Harbor or somewhere on the Chaussee?

I usually take the night off and ride my bike downtown to watch the show. It is much easier getting home on two wheels than on four.

But this year, I thought I would try taking photos from Cedar Point. Former chief photographer Tim Fleck had some nice shots a "few" years with ago with the Demon Drop in the foreground. I wanted to try for some with Top Thrill Dragster and fireworks, but my best shot with the Dragster included the moon. I couldn't get the right angle to really showcase the fireworks. As you can see below.

I had a backup plan with the Blue Streak in the foreground that I thought turned out much better and they used it on Sunday's front page.

The big trick to shooting the display from Cedar Point is getting out of the parking lot before everyone else does, so that means leaving before the finale starts to get the images back to the paper before deadline. I cut it close when I was passing the ticket gate as the last of the finale was booming behind me.

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