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Warner seeks airport construction jobs

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Most of the folks touting the benefits of a proposed new airport to serve NASA Plum Brook Station are talking about jobs that would take awhile to develop. A new airport would attract more work to Plum Brook, high tech companies would then be lured to set up shop here, and so on.

Bob Warner, the new member of the Sandusky City Commission, is trying to draw attention to a more immediate economic benefit. An airport with runways large enough to accommodate the world's biggest cargo planes (which is what NASA says it needs) would also be a big construction project, generating jobs for construction workers.

Huron County has many construction companies and many construction workers. The local Laborers union has 232 members in Huron County, compared to 174 in Erie County. Building an airport would help workers in Huron County, too, not just Erie County, Warner argues.

If Erie County partners with Huron County on an airport, "We can employ thousands of construction workers," he told the Erie County Commissioners Thursday.

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