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Wanted: Citizens not residents

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

During Tuesday's presentation of the new Strategic Action Plan for Erie County, the head of the company that wrote the report, Angelos Angelou, took some time to draw a distinction between citizens and residents.

A resident, Angelou explained, is someone who lives in a community, but only calls city hall when it's time to complain about a problem. A citizen is somebody who not only sees a problem, but spends time finding a solution.

I'm sure you know who some of the local citizens are. They are the people who always show up to events such as yesterday's launch of the economic development plan by the ECEDC -- folks like George Mylander and Nancy McKeen. (Yes, I know McKeen is an elected official -- she's a county commissioner -- but nobody forces her to attend meetings morning, noon and night. Commissioner Tom Ferrell was at Tuesday's announcement, too.)

Angelou believes that for his plan to succeed, local citizens have to step forward to volunteer to help.

The new report is posted here at the paper's Web site, and the two previous reports on Erie County written by AngelouEconomics are available on ECEDC's Web site.

I plan to blog for several days in a row on economic development, so if jobs interest you, please stay tuned.

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