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Those other guys running for president

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

This latest post is inspired by a letter to the editor. Bob Williams of Oberlin, in a letter published last week, pointed out that in addition to the Democratic and Republican candidates who are on the ballot in Ohio as candidates for president, there’s a Constitution Party candidate (Chuck Baldwin), a Socialist Party USA candidate (Brian Moore), a Libertarian (Bob Barr) and a Green (Cynthia McKinney.) There’s also some independent candidates on the ballot, including Ralph Nader. Remember him? As you can see, I’ve provided links if you want to learn more.

Williams is unhappy that because of the “mass media” nobody knows McKinney is running. I knew she was running, but I take his point the media doesn’t give much coverage to the other candidates. In fairness, some of the campaigns are apparently not very active in Ohio. I get press releases from the Libertarians, and Barr has come to Ohio more than once, but I never hear from any of the other three parties or from Nader.

My Sunday story on Barr is here.

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