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This blog was stolen from Chuck Hoefert

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

I wanted to get this in much closer to the holiday season, but with the busy work schedule, filling in for vacations and taking my own vacation time, I guess this is better late than never.

Almost two weeks ago I was taking photos at the Erie County Office Building downtown after they had water damage on several floors. While I traveled in the elevator from floor to floor taking photos, I perused the holiday cards on the walls of the elevator.

There are some pretty funny cards attached to the wrapping paper on the walls, but the best part is what is inside the cards. First, you see a holiday greeting associated with the front of the card. Next there is a hand-written greeting that reads something to the effect of "This card was borrowed or stolen from the Erie County Office Building."

While I was in the building someone told me that Chuck Hoefert, custodian of the building, is responsible for the cards. And I'm sure after reading this, he will let me know.

If the cards aren't in the elevator anymore, since it is January 5th, I have posted a couple pictures.

Hope you all had Happy Holidays and good luck in 2009.

Register photo/JASON WERLING

Register photo/JASON WERLING

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