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Stahl: Best Good Old Boy

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

City commissioner Craig Stahl was almost breathless when he read a letter to commission Monday from Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter refuting the importance of another letter Baxter sent last week to Don Icsman and Matt Kline that stated the Murman report contained factual inaccuracies.

The way Stahl embraced Baxter's denial of his earlier admission that Murman got the "details" wrong was so sweet. Kevin must have taken all weekend to figure out how to word that second letter. Baxter had just finished writing it a half-hour before the commission meeting, Craig said. And Craig was just so excited to be the chosen messenger. He read it as if it were a letter from the Pope.

"Congratulations on being Kevin's water boy," I told Stahl after the public meeting ended.

"Maybe I am being his water boy," Stahl responded after some additional chiding.

Yeah Craig, that's exactly what you were when you delivered Baxter's second "cover your (behind)" CYA letter in less that a week.

It's just too bad you didn't have any time to address the Darden report, which was actually researched and thoughtful. While you encourage and celebrate Baxter's attempts to manipulate the process for Party and power, Darden actually did the work you should be doing: Digging for the truth.

But you were too busy trying to be the best Good Old Boy you could be to actually pay attention to "details."

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