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Smile for the camera, Kevin

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Kevin Baxter will testify this month in the Kim Nuesse civil service hearing, and I expect he will allow the cameras to roll when he does. That would be the best way to assure residents get the best and most complete information on this important topic.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to livestream his testimony at sanduskyregister.com. That coverage gets underway again Dec. 15, when the hearings resume for two days. You have to respect the “justice delayed, justice denied” strategy the city’s crack Cuyahoga County legal team has adopted.  The delay-delay strategy means these hearings could go on for many more months. When the evidence does not favor your agenda, stall, stall, stall.

The county prosecutor already has acknowledged numerous inaccuracies in the statement he gave to Murman investigators, although he has not been specific or explained why he changed information in their $22,000 report. I stopped counting at a dozen inaccuracies when Baxter had that deer in the headlights response to my questions. That probably won’t work so well under cross-examination.

The stories Baxter told the crack investigators about two specific meetings with Nuesse appears intentionally misleading when contrasted to what other participants in those meetings recalled. Of course, that’s just the opinion I reached after reading Baxter’s witness statement and then talking with those other participants after the $22,000 Murman report was released. Those crack investigators never bothered interviewing any of those witnesses who could have provided them more complete and accurate descriptions of those meetings. Did I mention the bill for that report alone was $22,000? The cost to date for Nuesse-gate, including the tab for civil service hearing, is likely approaching $300,000.


And another thing, it’s not personal for me regarding Phil Frost. He might very well be the top cop in the nation. I just don’t think making a false criminal allegation against your boss – that goes nowhere and is disproved at a civil service hearing – is good police work, even for a bad cop. It's also a newsworthy topic. Will there be any followup? Will the city be investigating the false criminal allegation. It would be "super-crazy," to quote Phil, if it did not get reviewed.

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