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Shocking Barack recharges in Sandusky

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:25 PM

Brian Wismann and David Schiff quietly made a stop in Sandusky on Thursday morning. I say quietly because you can barely hear their mode of transportation: Brammo Enertia powercycles, or electric-powered motorcycles.

The pair are making the same trek as the Big Three automakers made on their way from Chicago to Washington D.C. to ask for loans for the government. Wismann and Schiff's travel expenses should be considerably lower than the executives since the powercycle plugs into any standard outlet and costs about $.30 to recharge. That's not a typo, 30 pennies will give 30-40 miles of drive time.

The journey has been called Shocking Barack and their website can be found by clicking here. They, along with a documentary crew, are hoping to bring attention to one solution for the current energy crisis. And they hope to present a powercycle to President Barack Obama.

Shocking Barack made their stop at Sue Daugherty and Mark Norman's House on Third Street during their route through Ohio. A fitting stop since, like their powercycles are the most energy efficient of their kind, the House on Third is the most energy efficient home in Sandusky, if not Ohio.

And one more tidbit since we're talking records, the Shocking Barack crew believes my four-year-old is the youngest to hop on one of their powercycles.

Check out Jason Singer's story in Friday's Sandusky Register and I'll have a video and more photos at sanduskyregister.com.

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