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Ruling expected in Nuesse 'integrity probe'

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Erie County Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette is expected to rule today whether Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse is entitled to receive documents related to the secret investigation of the secret allegations against her.

But nothing is normal or fair about this integrity probe.

1. It was launched by city manager Matt Kline, who lied when he said the police department never investigates itself and the entire department had complained about Nuesse.

2. The private law firm hired by the city to conduct the probe makes threats against Nuesse about un-specified criminal charges that might be filed even though that law firm has no authority to conduct a criminal probe.

3. That same law firm sends out a "whisper in my ear" news release asking anyone who'd like to to make additional secret allegations against the chief.

4. The city followed no established protocols or standard operational procedures in this “witch hunt.”

Maybe residents will know more after Binette rules today, but don’t count on it. There appears to be an agenda. Kline and city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr., Craig Stahl and Brian Crandall plan to stick with that agenda regardless of what is right, fair or appropriate. Binette’s court case is likely just the beginning of a long string of tortuous litigation.

The lawyers win and taxpayers lose. Big time. Go figure.

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