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Reader not happy with editor

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

I wanted to share an e-mail I received this morning from a reader who was not happy with the thoughts I shared in the column published in Sunday's paper, and my response. Here it is, for what it's worth. I have redacted the reader's name because I don't think she wanted the e-mail published.

To read the column, link to it from here.

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From: (a reader)


To: mattwesterhold@sanduskyregister.com

Sent: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 00:37:32 -0400

Subject: Sunday's column

Dear Matt,

In your column you refer to the "patriotic men and women who love their country" as listening to leaders who love only themselves. These "pseudo-journalists" you malign love their country with a passion and are willing to ask the hard questions and look for the truth; which is what good journalism is all about.  You are the ones who are "angry and sore losers" because fewer and fewer smart Americans are buying your papers and watching your network reporting.  Maybe if you reported what's going on in this country and in this administration you would have a little more credibility.  I can't believe you used the words "disrespecting the president"! Where were you the last eight years??  The democratic party wrote the book on disrespecting the presidency and now they're boo-hooing when they get a taste of that medicine!  By the way, has Harry Reid apologized to President Bush for calling him a liar and a loser?  The answer is NO!

The people who are really "doing our country a disservice" are the empty-headed journalists who are like bobble-head dolls when it comes to any reporting on their "messiah".

President Obama said to look at the people he surrounds himself with to know who he is and what he is about. Have you done that or are you afraid of what you might find?  Fraud and corruption in Washington in both parties are going to bring this country down unless people are willing to expose it and say we've had enough and this must stop. This country that I love is heading down the wrong path with this administration.  I hope the president and the congress are listening to the voices of the people before they make poor decisions that will negatively impact this country for generations to come.



Huron, Ohio

(419) xxx-xxxx

Here's my reply:

From: Matt Westerhold <mattwesterhold@sanduskyregister.com>

To: (Reader) <xxxxxx@gmail.com>

Date: 09/14/2009 06:08 AM

Subject: Re: Sunday's column

Dear (Reader),

Obviously we disagree here on most of what I wrote about on Sunday, so I am not sure anything I write in reply to your email will have any value for you. Thank you, however, for offering your thoughts.

Matt Westerhold

Managing editor/Sandusky Register

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