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Raising my water IQ

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

One of the consequences of the environmental fellowship I recently attended, the Great Waters Institute, is that I have largely stopped drinking store-bought bottled water, and switched to using tap water, which I use to fill water bottles given to me by various organizations (including the Perkins Township Police Department.)

I had never thought about the politics of bottled water until this year. When I started reading about water issues to prepare for the fellowship, I discovered that ecologists frown on buying bottled water. For example, they don't like the energy used to bottle and transport it. This Fox News article covers the issues pretty well.

Just between you and me and Al Gore, I gave up bottled water more out of respect for my wallet than respect for planet Earth.

Speaking of water, press reports indicate Ohio lawmakers have ended their latest deadlock over passing the Great Lakes water compact. State Rep. Chris Redfern and state Sen. Mark Wagoner both support passage.

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