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RIP Bo Diddley

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

I've been mourning Bo Diddley in my own way -- banging out the "Bo Diddley beat" on desks in the newsroom for anyone willing to listen. Actually, nobody seems that willing to listen, but I haven't been ejected from the building yet. (It's the same beat used in the Buddy Holly oldie, "Not Fade Away.")

Bo Diddley once got me into a little trouble at home. I listened to quite a bit of '50s rock growing up (it was just another way to be a nerd teenager in the 1970s) and I remember watching a weekend rock show. The guests were Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, so I decided it was appropriate to turn the volume up a little. Then after awhile, I turned it up a little more. This went on in our downstairs den until I succeeded in waking up my parents, and my father came downstairs to suggest forcefully that I turn the volume down a little bit.

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