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Quinn out, Anderson out, here's who should start next...

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

After the Cleveland Browns blew their lead in the Thursday night game to the Broncos I swore I wasn't going spend another Sunday watching them play again this season. Now I have to watch just to see what else could go wrong on a season that had so much promise.

Next week should be interesting with Ken Dorsey making the start. I would rather see Josh Cribbs in there than Dorsey and I'm sure the Browns would sell more tickets with #16 returning punts and kickoffs and also taking snaps behind the center.

But there is another player other than Dorsey and Cribbs that I think should get a shot at quarterback.

He has a higher quarterback rating in college than Brady, Derek, Ken or Josh.

Dave Zastudil.

Yes, he is our punter and yes, you are probably questioning how hard I hit my head against the wall while watching the Browns. But hear me out. Zastudil was a quarterback in high school and I'm not making up his college quarterback rating. From what have researched he had two pass attempts (on fake punts) and he completed both passes, one for 35 yards and one for 10 yards.

And did I mention Zastudil played college football at my alma mater Ohio University? And he is the only O.U. alum starting in the NFL. That may make me a little biased. I also took his photo when he was a freshman for the Bobcats when I was stringing for the student newspaper. I actually dug up the photo from a google search and have posted it with this blog. Sorry about the quality. The freshman story about Dave Zastudil is posted here.

I don't know why Crennel would decide next season's quarterback when he really never gave Zastudil a shot.

It couldn't hurt...could it?

Photo by Jason Werling/The Post(Ohio University) Freshman Ohio punter Dave Zastudil waits on a long snap from redshirt sophomore Jay Roden at the football practice field in 1998.

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