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Police chief fought, won

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Kim Nuesse’s not the only police chief fighting gender bias. In Youngtown, Ariz., an arbitrator ordered police Chief Kimberly Johnson reinstated, dismissing complaints from her subordinates that she “created a hostile work environment.”

The Nov. 14 article in the Daily News-Sun detailing the developments did not say if Johnson was “super crazy,” but the whine from her officers had a familiar ring.

“She was really mean to us and made us work really hard,” the big burly Youngtown police officers said.

The similarities between the witch hunt targeting Sandusky police Chief Kimberly Nuesse and Youngtown's Kimberly Johnson are eerie, and disturbing. Some male police officers are just so delicate -- especially those “elite commanders.”

But there are stark contrasts. The city of Youngtown spent just over $12,000 on a review conducted by a human resources firm. The city of Sandusky has spent upwards of $200,000 on Nuessegate.

The firm hired by Youngtown did indeed find that a hostile work environment existed: The hostility was created by the complaining officers protecting their comfort zones.

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