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Phil Frost was camera shy, and angry about it

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Here's how life works for Sandusky police Lt. Phil Frost: When his boss gives him an order he doesn't understand, she's a liar. When he misleads the Murman investigators, he calls those "misstatements."

Phil Frost

Frost acknowledged Thursday that several statements attributed to him in the Murman report were "inaccurate" or "misstatements."

City officials should be embarrassed the expensive legal team they hired to conduct fired police Chief Kim Nuesse's civil service hearing actually believe Phil is a credible witness. He threw a fit during his testimony on Thursday because a reporter snapped a photograph of him while he was on the witness stand. Gosh Phil, you're a public official on the taxpayer payroll. You should at least have had the guts to speak out publicly and allow the reporter to not only photograph you but also videotape your testimony. After all, you want to get the truth out there, don't you?

When Nuesse testified earlier this month she allowed her entire testimony to be recorded and videotaped.

The city's legal team appears to be actively encouraging its witnesses to demand their testimony not be videotaped or recorded in any way. Does that mean they don't want residents to see this? If it does, that might mean they don't want the truth out there and by their actions are continuing to conceal it.

I agree with the sentiments these two commenters expressed earlier this week.

Unbelievable wrote on Oct 30, 2008 1:37 PM:

"What remarkably vague and unsubstantiated "testimony" from a supposedly seasoned professional police officer. You can now add him to the list of slander defendants."

Julie R. wrote on Oct 30, 2008 2:41 PM:

"OH MY GOD! All this expense not to mention all the humiliation this poor woman has been put through just so a bunch of idiots can call her a liar, a thief and now a demon...I am so ashamed of this city and the DEMONS that are running it."

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