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Perkins Township got it right with Klamar as chief.

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

In case you missed it, the Perkins Township trustees named Ken Klamar as their new chief of police on Tuesday night. He was sworn in to a packed audience including his family, friends and fellow officers.

I've known Ken and his wife for as long as I have worked here at the Register, almost 10 years. We've played volleyball on the same team in the Cameo Mens volleyball league during the fall and winter months. I've played volleyball with him longer than I ever knew he was a cop with Perkins Police.

I have seen him work with the utmost professionalism while we have both been on the job at crash scenes or parades. I'm looking forward

Chief Klamar is an outstanding individual and our area is lucky to keep him around here. It was never a matter of if he would be the chief of a police department, it was a matter of where and when. In today's story by Register reporter Shawn Foucher, one of Klamar's first performance reviews in 1996 was quoted as saying “I feel that he is going to be a good one.”

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