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Old Dutch eagle nest, now serving four.

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

My mom was in town over the weekend so I took her to one of the hottest tourist spots in Erie County — the eagle nest at the Old Dutch Tavern in Perkins Township.

Much to my surprise, both adult eagles were in the nest. I have driven by quite a few times since learning they had their 2009 family started and most of the time there was only one eagle snuggled in keeping the eggs warm.

But Saturday, there were two. And from what I hear there are two more up there. An employee at the Old Dutch said two eggs were hatched. I can only vouch for one as I saw its furry head taking scraps from its mother and father.

Now the nest is pretty active. With two more mouths to feed, mommy and daddy will be taking turns bringing back breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks in between.

Before you pack up the van to check it out, remember the parking directly under the nest is customer parking for the Old Dutch Tavern.

The owner Larry Gerold has embraced his feathered neighbors, but they don't pay the bills. 

Stop in to the tavern and grab a burger and a cold one, there's even a big-screen television inside with a live view of the nest. Larry also has a collection of photos that have been provided to him by some of the photographers who watch the nest. Some watch for eight hours a day.

The back deck is a perfect place to have a lunch and watch the eagle show. And it's not too bad for volleyball either.

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