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OLD DUTCH EAGLES UPDATE- The parents are ready for the eaglet to leave the nest

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

I stopped by the most-watched tree in Perkins Township on Wednesday afternoon. The eaglet at the Old Dutch nest is growing fast, so much so that when I arrived mom was sitting outside the nest on a neighboring branch and dad was nowhere to be found.

The father eagle (or what I think is the dad) came back into the nest for a couple minutes and then flew out to show the eaglet how its done. The eaglet just stared out as if to say "Yeah, that flying thing is great, but where's my dinner?"

I think the eagle parents are ready for junior to get out and see "Life in the Fast Lane" so they can "Take it Easy" and get back to that "Peaceful Easy Feeling."

Enough Eagles references, the Dude hates the "freakin" Eagles.

Here are some pics...

(Oh, and the Register will have an update today on the eaglets that fell out of the Plum Brook nest. Check back later.)

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