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Never before poor

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Maybe some people were just born with the ability to talk effectively to the media. If so, then Brian Vogt, a vice president at American Coating Specialists in Norwalk, is one of those people.

"The potential is huge," Vogt said. "The best way to avoid a recession is not to participate in it. We're an aggressive company, and other companies want to do business with aggressive companies that are well-managed."

Well-managed enough to announce this week that ACS plans to hire 30 new employees, increasing the size of its workforce by nearly 25 percent to 130. That was the banner headline today, "ACS creating jobs," while the new data shows Huron County has the highest unemployment in the state at 13.5 percent.

"If it hits 10 percent across the country you're going to see bread lines like you never imagined," one reporter in the newsroom said after hearing the statistic.

One public servant at an aid agency in Erie County put it this way in an e-mail earlier today: "My lobby is growing full of people who have never been poor before."

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