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More from economist Ken Mayland

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Last night, I covered a speech by ClearView Economics president  Ken Mayland at a BGSU Firelands event hosted by the Erie County Chamber of Commerce. This morning, as I drove to work, I heard him quoted on the 8 a.m. national news update offered by National Public Radio.

A couple of extra bits: Mayland remarked that consumers have become risk-averse and said: “The saddest aspect of that is there is going to be less risk taking in the stock market. If people stay out of the stock market ... they are consigning themselves to a poor retirement.”

A few minutes later, he remarked that stocks “are at bargain basement prices. I want to start accumulating stocks when their prices are low. I like to buy things on the cheap.”

After his talk, I went up to Mayland to ask him four questions.

When I asked him to recommend his favorite economics blogs (I was going to link to them here), he said he generally doesn’t read them, because he doesn’t have time. He also whiffed when I asked his opinion of the Cato Institute, the free-market think tank. He said he doesn’t follow their pundits closely enough to comment.

I did better when I asked which books my readers should try to get a better understanding of economics. He likes authors Walter Williams, an economist and syndicated columnist, and Thomas Sowell, also an economist and syndicated columnist. Their books are easy to understand and will help people think about economics the right way, Mayland said.

I also asked Mayland to name his favorite Nobel Prize-winning economist. He likes one who’s deceased — Milton Friedman — and said people who want to learn about economics should try to find his old PBS series, “Free to Choose.” (It’s available free on the Internet.)

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