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Mark your calendar, symphony officials say -- NO WAIT! DON'T!!

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Firelands Symphony Orchestra officials have made a mortifying discovery.

The symphony's new glossy color brochure promoting the 2008-09 season has the wrong dates for two of the symphony's four planned concerts.

The family Christmas concert will be Sunday, Dec. 7 -- not "Saturday, Dec. 7" as the brochure has it. And the "Now That's Italian" concert of opera favorites will be March 21 -- not March 7, as the brochure states. (This online schedule is mostly right, although the Christmas concert date still needed to be fixed Monday afternoon. That will be corrected soon.)

The wrong dates, drawn from the brochure, were included in an article about the symphony's new season ticket drive printed in Saturday's paper.

Jamie Steinemann, the orchestra's executive director, said the graphic artist producing the brochure was given the correct dates, but got them wrong. The mistake wasn't caught, and the orchestra printed 4,000 brochures with the wrong dates and mailed out 2,300. Those folks will get a correction via postcard, Steinemann said.

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